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Marketing Your App on Google Play or iTunes Properly

App store marketing or app store optimisation (ASO) as we've coined it - yes, ASO does exist already but it's not really optimisation, they just tell you to stuff keywords like it's 1998 and track downloads - but we actually work at increasing the amount of downloads, online presence and brand awareness of the app and it's something that we've been doing since 2012. Yes, really! 

We know how to tickle Google in the right places so it moves websites up the rankings. We decided in 2011 to try and do it, for free to a few app owners, and we managed to take one kid's puzzle game from 10,000 downloads to 143,000 in just a few months. Needless to say, they're our client now and have been churning out more and more apps since. It's not easy. It takes a lot of work, more than regular SEO, but it's so much fun when we see the download charts. You know that some apps out there can generate £1,000s per day if they're monitised properly, so paying us a small fraction of that makes total sense when they get insane increases in downloads.

Before we started developing apps ourselves, we were quoted by a local company £32,000 to build a pretty straight-forward app. Obviously we decided to employ app developers at a higher cost than that per year, but they develop many apps for us that we test on and market. 

So, not only do we know what we're doing. We do it for our own apps. We have developers that build apps and have the technical knowledge to help fix anything that is up with your app. And, we have the marketing prowess that delivers incredible results. Check out our app marketing and see if it's for you.