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Mobile Websites Need Optimised Too

Google is a menace for costing people money. They change everything and threaten your website's traffic, unless you do x, y and z. We know all too well that this is the case, as we need to move with the times and change our strategies pretty much every three months. It keeps us on our toes, but as a possible layperson or a busy business owner, you probably don't have the time to keep your finger on the button with what weird and wonderful 'needs' Google has this week.

Mobile versions of websites need to be fast, optimised for all types of devices (we know a simple line of code that is a really quick fix in the meantime while your mobile site is being built - contact us about it) and that has great user experience (UX). Wait, what? So, after paying £1,000s for your website you now have to have another one built for mobiles. The short answer is, yes.

However, it doesn't cost £1,000s for a mobile site, only a fraction of that. In fact, depending on what your site is built on you may be able to cheat and do it for free or just £10 per month. 

The point being is that it was stated in 2012 that in 2015, around 65% of Internet users would be using their mobile phone compared to desktops. That figure is more like 40% across the board (as of today) but we do see some sites (it depends on the content of the site) that have 95% mobile device users. Instagram is probably the best example. You can't even sign up on a desktop, it has to be a smartphone then you can log in on a desktop if you want.

Mobile website optimisation, is it important? Yes. Do you need one? Yes. Can Studio Ten help? Of course.