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On-Page SEO and Keyword Research

Honestly, the amount of times we have new clients come to us with poor on-page SEO and improper keyword research is incredible. Every single website we have seen is wrong. That's why we can help every single website out there. Even if they don't buy a package from us, we can at least help set up their site so it:

a) works

b) has potential to rank higher

c) will be more likely to bring money in from targeting the right customers

The best part about SEO and online marketing for us is that other agenices like ours get keyword research and on-page SEO so wrong. That's why we know we are the best out there. They might have big clients and huge retainers, but they are spouting drivel and selling snake oil. This is why it's so difficult for us to take on new clients that have been burned in the past, and it's why we are so diligent in working with clients so that they are happy with how we work...mainly from the results in the first and second months.