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SEO in Dubai, UAE

SEO in Dubai is difficult. That's for sure. There is something up with Google with its 'smaller' search engines, whereby it doesn't react the same as Google.co.uk or Google.com. Yes, people in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates may use Google.com, but ranking a site in Arabic needs a little extra work. 

We have managed to figure it out. We plan, research and test everything we do to ensure that it stays relevant, positive and gives exceptional ROI for our clients. Website owners in Dubai looking to get to the first page of Google.com or Google.ae can rest-assured that there finally is an SEO agency out there that understands. 

Dubai is a great city. It's packed full of businesses that strive for success, just as any other city in the world. However, with unique opportunities in recruitment, construction or electronics, there is a huge amount of competition. This competitiveness seeps into the online world, and we are more than knowledgable about it. Our first ever client from Dubai was in the housing industry, rentals specifically. This is a hugely competitive industry in any city but in Dubai it's even more so. We ranked their site for many variations of houses, condominiums and apartments for rent or sale in Dubai. This was through out unique and bespoke SEO services for the great city of Dubai. It wasn't easy, but the client was so impressed that they told their suppliers and friends that ran businesses, and we gained three more clients from word-of-mouth. 

We're very proud of our referrals we get from clients. It has happened to us since day one. We do one good job and other contracts come along afterwards. We've had one client in the UK that is a fourth-generation referral and all of those have stayed with us since 2011.

To answer the question why some sites and platforms don't recognise the .ae top level domain, is simply because it's less used than the more popular ones. You'd imagine this would pose a problem but we have configured our link-building strategy for websites in Dubai to ensure that we can get the same results (or better) as we do for other websites targeting their local or national markets.

Get in touch if you run a website in Dubai and want to be on the first page of Google.