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Who Are Studio Ten Online Marketing?

Studio Ten started life as a family-run online marketing company and has grown into a fully-blown digital marketing agency since 2007. Our success has been measured with the vast array of clients, repeat customers and word-of-mouth referrals by around 95% of our clients – which says a lot for our service!! That’s right, nearly every client we work with, refers a company to us off their own back. A little ironic for a digital marketing company, but we’ll take it!

Our mission is to raise the bar when it comes to owning a website. We want the Internet to be full of responsive, well-made, SEO-structured websites that tick Google’s guidelines and not only look beautiful but customers actually see them. Far too many websites out there fail at just the aesthetics, whereas Studio Ten, pushes the boundaries and gets websites in front of their target audience.

Our successes can be seen with just a handful of examples:

In 2014, Chemist Direct.co.uk approached us directly and wanted a short 9 month contract which consisted of 100 keywords, with 150 secondary ones. We ranked their site for extremely difficult terms including Regaine (hair loss treatment), cures for ailments such as thrush treatment, everyday items such as cod liver oil tablets and many more. Over the term, we netted them £1.7 million extra revenue giving them a 3,777% ROI. Towards the end of 2014, the contract ended and they focused on trimming their product range down and we look forward to working with them again soon.
Charge Agency.com, an upcoming experiential marketing agency employed us from a word of mouth referral, and we took it from nowhere in Google (not even the top 1,000 places) to position 4 for experiential marketing. They decided to take a break to redesign their website as their customer base required a much more responsive website whereas we worked with a fairly quickly set up site. We are currently rebuilding the site and SEO will start again soon.

SimplyMaldivesHolidays.co.uk came to us in late 2011 and we wrote all of the content, structured the site, and did online marketing on it, and within 4 months we had them at #2 for Maldives holidays a term which gained around 60,000 hits per month. This netted the company a cool £250,000 in its first year of trading. The company has since referred six clients to us and we have worked on more than 5 of their websites over the years. To quote Amit Patel, the Managing Director, "we wouldn't have a business without Studio Ten's help".

Iwoca was our largest finance client for 3 years. They lend to all types of SMEs across various platforms and we were with them from their inception in 2012 making their online presence very well-known until 2015 when they branched off into Europe with their own team of in-house SEO employees. They too have referred multiple SEO clients to us over the years.

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